I believe that photography is a living organism. Something that is constantly developing. Holding my camera, I discover something new every day.

The most important component in photography is the light. A picture can be totally different with less or more light. Even though I do have the equipment to shoot in any light conditions, my favourite is the natural light. The light of the sun, until it goes down. This light can give unique pictures and very good portraits. I always advise couples getting ready to married to be careful picking the time of the ceremony, so that we can take advantage of the natural light.

When taking over a wedding, I have the opportunity of travelling to the couple's joy and love. Returning from that trip, I have the sweetest pictures in my luggage. My aim is a natural result, in a quiet or intense sense. I always try to discover something new and unique. That’s why trying to describe my photo style in one word would be difficult...it is a mixture of spontaneous pictures of unique each time personalities, but also fashion or editorial photos. Following the basic rules of photography, I search for the appropriate angle of view to see something that no one else can.

Definitely, communication with the couple is really important. Through the first discussions, there is a chance to get to know each other and have a relaxed atmosphere during photo shoot. This will lead to a natural and unique result. The secret for such a result is the chemistry developed between the photographer and the couple. The success is owed to both sides. And, of course, it is always a pleasure to know that the couple enjoyed living those special moments and at the same time I got the chance to develop my photographic look…


Nikolaos-Panagiotis Kiafas
Art & Wedding Photography
Hydra Greece

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