Hydra Island - Ilianna & Panagiotis

A beautiful and matching couple with lots of humor..From our first talk I knew this was going to be a very interesting experience! The bride went to Saint Barbara's church in Hydra accompanied by violin and guitar, where the groom waited anxiously... After the ceremony, they returned home where they kept a nice Greek tradition:  the best man and the maid of honor offered sweets in order for the couple to have a ''sweet'' life and tightened them with a head kerchief in order for them to be always together!

  Afterwards, they were welcomed at a romantic scene with fireworks at ''Enalion'' restaurant at Vlychos. A nice outdoor area close to the sea, where they had a party until daybreak.

  Next day photo shoot started at Saint Konstantinos' church, the highest point of Hydra with a magic view. We walked to the picturesque narrow paths and the arches which remind old times of the island...We ended up in Dokos, a very small island between Hydra and Peloponnese mainland. There, I had the chance to capture the couple in beautiful spontaneous and full of love scenes by the sea... 
















































Nikolaos-Panagiotis Kiafas
Art & Wedding Photography
Hydra Greece

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