Hydra Island - Nantia & Giannis

A handsome and so much in love couple... was about to baptize their little girl. Or this is what guests and even the par [...]

Hydra Island - Aretha & Jonathan

Aretha from Brazil and Jonathan from Seychelles...decided to exchange vows of eternal love in Hydra, Greece just beca [...]

Hydra Island - Silvia & Theodore

Theodore from Greece and Silvia from Toscana, decided to gather their lives in Hydra Island Greece. Their relaxed and al [...]

Hydra Island - Petroula & Dimitris

On a very hot summer day, Petroula and Dimitris decided to get married and baptise their little son at the beautiful c [...]

Hydra Island - Marianna & Giorgos

Marianna and Giorgos live in Hydra. When they contacted me for their wedding and baptism of their little daughter I was [...]

Hydra Island - Sofia & Alexandros

Hydra, being close to Athens with a smooth weather till late October makes it a good choice for couples to choose for t [...]

Hydra Island - Charlotte & Clement

Charlotte and Clement's true love for travelling and exploring new places took them to Hydra Island, Greece. And not o [...]

Hydra Island - Maria & Stefanos

After the most beautiful surprise of their lives, their twins, Maria and Stefanos gave me the honor to cover the photo s [...]

Hydra Island - Pelagia & Giorgos

A lovely couple, Pelagia and Giorgos decided to share their lives and gave me the honor to be their wedding photographer [...]

Hydra Island - Maria & Daniel

Daniel from United States and Maria from Russia, a young couple full of love after decided to have a destination weddi [...]

Hydra Island - Eleni & Nikos

An always smiling beloved couple, Eleni and Nikos decided to gather their lives on the island of Hydra. The photo shoo [...]

Poros Island - Maria & Dimitris

Maria and Dimitris' hometown is Poros island, a few miles away from Athens. When they contacted me for their wedding and [...]

Hydra Island - Giorgos & Katherine

Giorgos, half-Greek half-Canadian and Katherine from United States decided to gather their lives in the most pictures [...]

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