Hydra Island - Petroula & Dimitris

  On a very hot summer day, Petroula and Dimitris decided to get married and baptise their little son at the beautiful church of Saint Paraskevi at Kamini Hydra, where rarely do weddings take place. They both grew up here and couldn't choose any place else in the world. The groom came first accompanied by men traditionally dressed known as Hydra's ''Bourlotierides'' (origin of this word come since 1821's Greek revolution when Hydra played a significant role and means people in war attacking enemies' ships)

   Petroula, beautiful and smiling -maybe the only bride I know who managed to be on time on her wedding!- got to Kamini with a traditional boat and groom was waiting for her at the dock. The ceremonies followed and then dinner.

   Next day's photo shoot started in a very beautiful house with panoramic view and then we walked to the windmill and reached Avlaki's small beach. As a Hydra Wedding Photographer, I always make effort to capture this special architecture the island has. Of course, the couple played again a vital role since their cooperation led to these lovely and natural pictures. 











































Nikolaos-Panagiotis Kiafas
Art & Wedding Photography
Hydra Greece

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