Hydra Island - Charlotte & Clement

  Charlotte and Clement's true love for travelling and exploring new places took them to Hydra Island, Greece. And not only once, since they choose every year to travel from France for their vacations. The decision to get married here was easy for them.

   Cheerful and with great humor couple, they chose the area of Karpos and Papilos' church in Vlychos for their wedding which has great sea view. Charlotte totally elegant, arrived dressed with an ancient Greek style wedding dress and an olive wreath on her hair. With friends and family and soft live music playing, they exchanged vows of everlasting love in a very touching atmosphere. Dinner and party followed at ''Sunset'' restaurant. Guests and the couple had a great time, they danced Greek and international dances. They watched a humoristic video about the couple and everyone enjoyed themselves as you can see in the photos...


Nikolaos-Panagiotis Kiafas
Art & Wedding Photography
Hydra Greece

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